Conditions of use for the Mivai® app

The Norwegian company Go Mobile AS (org. no. 989 015 621) has developed the Mivai® app. The app is available for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows). The Mivai® app is currently limited to acting as a booking service for taxis; in the future, the application will be expanded with additional customer-friendly functionality.

In Norway, Go Mobile AS (Bosmyrkollen 2, 4620 KRISTIANSAND) operates the app. Partner companies will be responsible for infrastructure and operation in other countries.

The service functions in an interface between the consumer’s app, the central software (with database) and a tailor-made app that the taxi driver has on his phone.

The Mivai® app itself is free to acquire and use for users (i.e. passengers/customers).

The following ‘Conditions of use for the Mivai® app’ will apply from 1 January 2016, supersede all previous editions, and may be amended where necessary and without further notice:

You must also accept the conditions below before you download and use the Mivai® app:

User licence

Anyone using the Mivai® app must be over 18 years of age, or have obtained the consent of a guardian.

Your Mivai® app is exclusively intended for personal use and you must not allow others to use your account. You must ensure that your account password is stored safely.


By using Mivai® to book a taxi trip, you are giving your consent to provide legitimate settlement for the taxi service as soon as the service has been provided.

Mivai® uses distance and time calculations based on Google Maps for price calculations.

Prices labelled as ‘fixed price’ in Mivai® shall apply to the quickest/shortest route without any unnecessary stops.

Fixed prices are subject to the condition that you cannot change the route during the trip. In areas where the Regulations relating to maximum price limits (“Forskrift om takstberegning og maksimalpriser for løyvepliktig drosjetransport med motorvogn”) apply, the maximum price may not exceed the meter price.

Prices marked as ‘estimates’ in Mivai® are intended for guidance purposes only. The price of an actual trip may deviate from the estimated price. Queues, diversions and additions for tolls and ferry tickets are not included in the calculation of estimates. In many cases, the meter price will take precedence.


Payment must be made at the end of the taxi trip. This may take place directly through the app, or by using a payment card and the payment terminal in the taxi or payment in cash.¨

If legitimate settlement is not provided for any reason (lack of internet connection, lack of account coverage, equipment faults, etc.), you must agree to allow the amount to subsequently be charged through your Mivai® account when payment options become available again.

The taxi company may charge a non-attendance fee if you book a taxi journey but fail to attend, causing the taxi company to incur a wasted journey.

If an unsettled claim has been registered on your Mivai® account, you will be unable to use Mivai® and its services again until all outstanding claims have been settled in full.


You can give feedback (‘rating’) when your taxi trip has come to an end using the app to summarise your overall assessment of the services provided. The driver will be unable to view your rating (1-5 stars) or your (optional) additional comments. This ratings scheme enables competing taxi companies to improve the range of services that they offer to the public, and also enables the public to select a service provider based on the quality experienced by other customers that have previously used the services of the company concerned.

When you give a rating, a rating of ‘five stars’ should generally be used to indicate an ‘entirely satisfactory trip’ that met your needs and expectations in full. Only if you have something specific to highlight in connection with the trip should you reduce the rating to four or three (or fewer) stars. Please also provide explanatory remarks in such cases.

Please be aware that the driver is also able to give you a rating as a customer. You may be excluded from further services through Mivai® if you receive several negative ratings,and the accompanying remarks are sufficiently serious.


Go Mobile AS shall not be liable for any receivables, costs, damage or losses arising as a result of any breach made by you of one or more of the conditions for the use of Mivai® and/or violation of applicable laws, regulations or rules and/or breach of a third party’s rights.

Go Mobile AS shall furthermore not be liable for any consequential losses associated with the use of Mivai®.

The actual transport service that is booked (and, where applicable, paid for) using Mivai® is entirely a matter between the user and the transport provider; Go Mobile AS shall not be a party to this relationship.


The conditions of use for Mivai® shall be subject to Norwegian legislation. Kristiansand District Court shall be the legal venue in the event of any dispute.


The latest edition of the ‘Conditions of use for the Mivai® app’ are available at at all times. You must re-approve the conditions in order to continue using the Mivai® services in the event of major changes.



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