How Mivai works

Mivai came about because we wanted to help people find the best prices in the taxi jungle. The focus is on you with Mivai and this makes your taxi experience simpler and more transparent.

1. Confirm pick-up location

The first thing you need to do is confirm the pick-up location. Your position according to your mobile will initially be used by Mivai, but you can either use the map or the address field if you wish to be picked up somewhere else. The correct pick-up location is very important so that the taxi can find you, so please check that this is correct. Several options will appear once you have confirmed the pick-up location.


2. Select destination

The app already knows where you are. If you simply wish to get a taxi without comparing prices, all you need to do is select ‘View quotes’. You must add a destination either from the map or the exact address in the search facility to bring up the price.


3. View quotes

Once you have added the destination, you can select ‘View quotes’, and this will bring up all the competing taxi companies in your area.


4. Compare quotes

Not all taxis are the same. The app shows you quotes for all the relevant companies in your area. Find the best vehicle for you based on price, rating and how far away the nearest available taxi is.


5. Confirm trip

If you have special requirements, such as a child’s seat, space for a pram or there are lots of people travelling, you must specify this in the app. If you have received a promotion code, you can activate this here. It is also easy to book trips for a later date. Select ‘CONFIRM’ when you are satisfied and a taxi will be on its way.


6. Payment

Some companies permit app payments to be made. In such cases, payment is made when booking a vehicle. You can also pay in the vehicle if the company does not permit app payments.


7. Watch the vehicle come to you

Watch the map to check that the vehicle is on its way and when it will arrive at the destination. Handy to know on a rainy night.


8. Rating

You will be asked to rate the trip once it is over. You will have the chance to award up to five stars in the rating if you were satisfied with the service and trip.  Taxi companies are measured on providing good customer service at all times. Give feedback and rate the drivers. Give your opinion and be heard. Your experiences are important, and the rating will be available to both new customers and the taxi company. This enables us to ensure that people travelling with us experience both good service and a safe and pleasant trip. *

* Available with companies that are Mivai partners.


9. Get a receipt

You will receive a receipt for the trip at the end, which will be saved in your history and sent to you by email.


Download the Mivai taxi app


We cover all of Norway and will soon also offer coverage in Sweden. If you travel a lot, you'll really benefit from having a taxi app you can use when you need it most.

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