Mivai is Norway’s only genuinely independent marketplace for taxi trips. With us, companies both large and small succeed where they provide good service at a fair price.

Mivai is an independent marketplace for taxi trips. Here, companies compete on equal terms. Nobody receives preferential treatment and we are not owned by anyone. At Mivai, the focus is on customers, and everyone benefits from this in the long run. Therefore, we feel that customers should know what all providers have to offer and what it will cost. The relationship between waiting time, price and rating must make it easier for customers to make a choice to suit their needs.

There has never been a good marketplace for taxi services before. For some, it might seem a little daunting that everyone can compare prices in a simple way. We believe that this is a step forward for customers. Readily accessible prices promote competition, with the result that some price differences can often be evened out a little. In practice, we have seen that price is less important, and a focus on the safety of the company and service counts for more.

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