Your customers will also stay with you if you use Mivai. As a Mivai partner, you have access to powerful tools for customer processing and building customer loyalty.

By using Mivai, you will have better opportunities to reach out to your customers than ever before. We do not simply wish to give you access to a technological solution using Mivai, but also to provide you with a tool to market your distinctiveness and profile to customers. Some companies choose to offer discounts and promotions using Mivai. This is inexpensive and benefits customers too.

Business agreements. With Mivai, you can set up business agreements and offer customers tailor-made agreements when they are out travelling and need a taxi. Would you like to offer a company a 20% discount on all trips they make? No problem, as long as they use Mivai.

Would you like to keep your customers informed via a newsletter? With Mivai, you can extract lists of everyone who has travelled with your company and who has given their consent to receiving special offers. There is a lot to be gained from informing all your customers directly if you are thinking about running a major promotion. You could do this through a newsletter, for example.

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