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Save money

Mivai has invested heavily in technology which makes it easy for customers to book a taxi. Our partners have achieved major savings on switchboard and other manual order processing. We are the only service provider that have integration with several taxi systems.

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Build customer loyalty!

Your customers will also stay with you if you use Mivai. As a Mivai partner, you have access to powerful tools for customer processing and building customer loyalty

Win more customers

Taxi customers in 2016 are demanding when it comes to availability and service level. With our technology, you will always be competitive, and finding new customer groups will be easy.

Independent companies only

Mivai is Norway’s only genuinely independent marketplace for taxi trips. With us, companies both large and small succeed where they provide good service at a fair price.

MIVAI is now an UpTop Global Taxi Network partner

The UpTop Global Taxi Network has been created to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers by making use of the latest smartphone technology for taxis, in full respect of the regulatory framework in force.


History of Mivai

The founders Ole K. Gulbrandsen and Jens Balchen were tired of how customer-unfriendly the taxi industry was. They started developing apps for taxi companies.

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We cover all of Norway and will soon also offer coverage in Sweden. If you travel a lot, you'll really benefit from having a taxi app you can use when you need it most.

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