History of Mivai

The founders Ole K. Gulbrandsen and Jens Balchen were tired of how customer-unfriendly the taxi industry was. They started developing apps for taxi companies.

One day, they challenged their customers to think in a radical new way: To create an open marketplace for taxi trips at a cross-company level.

“We had a hysterical focus on customer experience,” says Ole. It should be easy to book trips based on price, rating and how quickly a taxi can pick you up.

Therefore, Mivai was born as a common app and marketplace for taxi trips.

The Marketing department

Mivai is being developed by Go Mobile AS. This is a technology company in Kristiansandand Oslo with over 6 employees. The company is also developing FLEXX, which is an on-demand bus system for county councils.

Johnny Gjerseth

Roberth Westbøe
Product Manager

Contact us in Kristiansand

Go Mobile AS (Org nr 989 015 621)
Bosmykollen 2, 4620 KRISTIANSAND   

Tlf: +47 9400 8000, E-mail: post@gomobile.no

Contact us in Oslo

Go Mobile AS (Org nr 989 015 621)
Skippergata 22, 0154 OSLO 

Tlf: +47 9400 8000, E-mail: post@gomobile.no

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We cover all of Norway and will soon also offer coverage in Sweden. If you travel a lot, you'll really benefit from having a taxi app you can use when you need it most.

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