All Norway’s taxis in one app

With Mivai, you can compare taxi prices and book the best taxi quote in just a few seconds. Whether you’re on your way to the airport, an important meeting, a romantic dinner or the party of the year, you’ll really benefit from having a taxi app you can use when you need it most.  Download the Mivai taxi app and travel in safety with our partners.


Find the best quote

Compare prices based on estimated or fixed prices, find out who has the best rating or the shortest waiting times, and book with the taxi company you like best.


Pre-book or book directly, the choice is yours! With Mivai, you can book your trip in advance or book directly. Perfect if you need to reach the first flight of the day or get to an important meeting.


Simple payment

Pay directly through your mobile using Visa, MasterCard, Vipps or MobilePay. With Mivai, you avoid having to spend time paying before you leave the vehicle. Payments are made automatically and seamlessly using the app and you can access your receipt under the history tab.

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Download the Mivai taxi app

The complete taxi app

Stylish and functional

The focus is on you with Mivai! Using Mivai means you don’t have to think about anything other than just enjoying the ride. Beneath the surface, Mivai is jam-packed with smart functions.

Try Mivai and you’ll see what we mean!

Book your trip!

Pre-book or book directly – this gives you a number of benefits.

Pay using the app!

Payment using Mivai saves you the time and trouble of having to pay in the vehicle. The experience of using a taxi just got even better!

Get a receipt!

All receipts can be sent by email to your email account. You will also have access to all history and receipts stored by Mivai in case you need to use them again.

Fixed price!

Gone are the days of getting into a taxi without knowing how much the trip will cost. You can get either an estimated price or a fixed price with Mivai!

Share a taxi – pay less

Soon you will be able to book much cheaper taxi trips. By making bookings with other people, you can save both the environment and money.

Follow the taxi on the map!

Follow the taxi on the map. We will tell you when your taxi will arrive!

Safety and service

Mivai only has agreements with taxi companies that are certified in their respective countries, which means that you can be certain of having a good experience and excellent service.

The rating facility also gives you the chance to share experiences. This is used to improve the level of service.

Out on the town tonight?

Book your trip using Mivai and you’re ready to go. Mivai tells you when the taxi is approaching and when it will arrive.  Soon, our carpooling solution will also mean that your taxi trip may actually become both more fun and cheaper!

Are you concerned about the environment?

Here at Mivai, we care about the environment. That is why we are working towards paperless journeys, and reducing the amount of idling and journey lengths for taxis, and increasing the occupancy rate per taxi trip, e.g. through carpooling.

Travelling a lot with work?

Do you travel to and from work on a daily basis or make a lot of work-related journeys?  Mivai also gives you a complete overview of journeys and receipts, so that you have everything in one place. Do you need business agreements? You can set up business agreements through Mivai covering the whole of Norway! Do you need batch invoices for all taxi travel for the business? Get in touch and we’ll take care of this as well.

Download the Mivai taxi app


We cover all of Norway and will soon also offer coverage in Sweden. If you travel a lot, you'll really benefit from having a taxi app you can use when you need it most.

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